Reformulating Ancient Wisdom

Insights on Perspective

An old Indian legend tells of three blind men who examined an elephant. ‘It is wide and thin,’ said one, holding the creature’s ear. ‘No, it is long and narrow!’ the second insisted, feeling the rope-like tail. ‘You’re both wrong!’ The third contended. He ran his hand along the elephant’s broad flank. ‘This animal is huge and very heavy.’ This tale circulated in many forms for several years, demonstrating how subjectively human beings interpret the world.

Modern Mischief

Now, just imagine if this ancient tale appeared on Bolton CCTV! Would ancient insight disappear under the intrusive gaze of the modern camera lens? Would viewers dismiss the three blind commentators, all of them honest, as just a trio of fools? Or would careful camera editing create confusion and partisanship? One lens might depict only the elephants ear in a close-up. Another could follow only the tail. And so forth…